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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever projects we take from customers, they are guaranteed as follows:
Confidentiality guaranteed: All customer details will be kept confidential.
Price Guarantee: We take 50% payment at the time of taking projects from the customer and 50% after the projects are completed.
Result Guarantee: If the customer wants to do changes in the project, then we can do changes in the projects.
Every project we undertake guarantees the following:
1. We sign the NDA and the confidentiality agreements you require.
2. Customer data is not shared with anyone other than our team. And our team cannot violate these things.
3. Customer data is saved with security.
Yes: When we will complete the project on time, to the customers. Only then customers should pay us in full.
Yes: We provide customers with a development-friendly website.
Our company's mission is to make India the largest digital marketing company and digital designing company.

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