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We have 3 years experience in digital marketing and development, 3RGroup Web Solution give the smart solution for your business

Web Development


We are the top agency for web development. We provide users with a best website suited to them. Which is user friendly and feasible. We along with our team do our best to make the website attractive and user friendly.

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App Development


Application and open source development is a good platform. If we develop the application, we make the application user friendly. If the design of the application is not user friendly, it damages the traffic.

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Software Development


Software is a type of program that enables a user to perform certain tasks with devices such as computer systems, Android phones, iPads, etc, which run on these operating systems. Originally, it acts as an intermediary between computer hardware and users.

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Logo Desiging


A logo is art. Which gives you and your products a sign. Using it on different parts of your business, such as websites, packaging, labels, social media, printed materials, etc. gives your brand more recognition. And for this we are the best logo designer.

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Graphic Desiging


Graphic design is an integral part of any business or products and is as true to your company's image as it is to your products marketing. We are India's largest agency for creating colorful, high-resolution images, attractive videos and graphical graphics.

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SEO: On-Page | Off-Page


SEO is a technique that ranks a user-searched keyword at the top of the search engine. Our SEO experts will show your thinking at the top in search engines. And will help spread your business. In order to rank the keywords of customers on Google, we analyze their website well.

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Pay Per Click


If you want to start an online campaign where you want to grow the business in future market. And we will tell customers or online users about your services. For this, we choose the place where the traffic comes more. For that we use PPC.

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Social Media Marketing


Nowadays, it is the most business-enhancing social media application. The users keep visiting 24 hours, which means they want to see interesting and relevant posts that appeal to their interests. Our social media marketing team understands this need.

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Content Marketing


Nowadays, the most important content is to increase your business. People take your things only after reading the content. Content is the SEO King. SEO is nothing without content.

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Keywords Research


With good keyword research, you can show your business in the top on the search engine. How your customers are looking for you. And how can they find your website more often. We identify valuable organic traffic opportunities for your business and website. And you do good keyword research and give it.

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The development team prepares the customers for the projects. Our team faces the development process easily.


We understand the request of customers very well. According to the customers, we make campaigns. And target that campaign at that place. Where there is more traffic.


We handle this entire process easily. And keep checking that there is no shortage in it.